Wigs are worn for many reasons, including religious purposes, medical hair loss, achieving colors and styles that are near impossible, or even just for fun. Don’t have time to wash and style your hair in the morning? A cut-and-styled wig allows for an instant good hair day with little effort. If you want to try out new colors and styles without a commitment, a wig will allow you to change up your look without changing your actual hair. You can even have different hairstyles for different events!

Following the religious practice of hair covering is to cover your hair in public. A wig will cover your hair while still giving you a natural look that’s styled and personalized for you. Loss of hair due to thinning or radiation treatments can be covered up with hairpieces or wigs that can be cut and styled the way you want. Models wear wigs in photo shoots and fashion shows to achieve hairstyles that are near impossible with natural hair. The wigs and hairpieces they wear can accentuate any style or mood that they are trying to express. Whatever your reason, you can have your wigs styled beautifully at Chrysalis Salon in Staten Island, NY.

JoAnn is an expert at cutting and styling wigs and hairpieces. She has the talent and experience to personalize your piece while making it look flattering and natural. No one will know you’re wearing a wig! Call the salon today and set up an appointment with JoAnn to get your wig cut and styled.