With the warmer weather finally pushing through, it’s quite common for people to revamp their hair color. Luckily, we have tracked the most wanted hair colors of Spring, that we’re sure will carry into the Summer.

  1. Rose Blonde- L’Oreal Paris just released their hair colors of the year, and Rose Blonde was at the top of the list. A light pink, also now called “millennial pink,” has been extremely popular this year. The color can vary between more pink, and more blonde, but it’s the middle ground between the two colors that becomes the perfect shade.
  2. Charcoal- The grayish white highlights were a huge trend last year, but recently we’ve been seeing a smokier, darker trend. This is a great color for women or men that are starting to gray naturally- embrace it!
  3. Golden Blonde- Blonde trends have been huge so far this year, and warm blonde is the new go-to. Not only is a

    Golden Blonde

    warmer toned blonde easier to maintain than an ashier tone, but it’s also ideal for the spring and summers.

  4. Copper- This color is great for natural redheads, brunettes, or strawberry blondes. The burnt-orange low-lights and highlights are a great way to subtly switch up hair color, without making a drastic change.


  5. Merlot- A deep red, mixed with purple and chocolate brown undertones, is very popular this season. This bright- berry tone adds character that can suit almost any skin tone.

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