Hair extensions are way more common than not these days. There is a very high chance that anyone with flawless looking long hair is rocking the (imitated) hairdo. As extensions can be pricey, it is important that you’re taking good care of your synthetic locks.

  1. Use the right brush- Make sure you’re using a gentle bristle detangling brush to brush out your extensions. This certain kind doesn’t have beaded ends, so they won’t get stuck in your hair.
  2. Slip pillowcase- Keep your extensions locked in place overnight by using one of these silk pillowcases. It will decrease the friction, leaving your hair styled and in place over the duration of the night.
  3. Extension hanger- These hangers are a perfect place to store your extensions while they aren’t in use. It’s also a great place to keep them while traveling, so you know they won’t get ruined with the rest of your stuff.

Extensions are a great option for mimicking long hair. To get the look, book a consultation with any stylist. For almost 30 years, Chrysalis Salon has been styling hair and serving the Staten Island community. Call now for an appointment. For more information contact us at 718-494-3900.W