Braiding your hair is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles to achieve. From sleek to boho to undone, braids are a great alternative for when you don’t have much time to get ready. Read below to learn how to achieve three beautiful braided styles, that will only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Crown Braid-  Part your hair down the middle, and divide it into two sections. Braid each section, and secure the ends. Flip the braids up up and over the top of your head, and secure with bobby pins. For a more undone look, pull out a few strands around your face.
  2. Braid Buns- Divide your hair into two low ponytails. Braid each section and secure the ends. Then, wrap the braids around in a circle for two low, braided buns.
  3. Boho Braids- Take two, two inch pieces of hair that frame your face, and braid. Secure both ends with elastics, and then bring them together in the back of your head to create a half up half down look. Secure with another elastic.

Finish any of these styles off with Redken’s Triple Take Extreme High-Hold Hairspray, which you can find at Chrysalis Salon. For even more braided looks, call and make an appointment to have your hair styled! For almost 30 years, Chrysalis Salon has been styling hair and serving the Staten Island community. Call now for an appointment. For more information contact us at 718-494-3900.