facial girlFacials are enjoyable and can give you a fantastic look, but most people don't realize the benefits of facials. When warm steam is applied during a facial it helps to open up pores, which can then be worked on to give you that clean and beautiful look. It also can help open blood vessels in the face and increase circulation, which helps cell rejuvenation through growth and nutrient flow. Facials done in the right atmosphere can help reduce stress and blood pressure. They can also relieve sinus pressure and congestion. Facials can help you look less bloated and puffy because the massage can increase drainage in the lymph nodes, while facials shouldn’t replace any kind of medical care they are pleasant, relaxing and make you feel and look better. Are you looking for a series of massages or facials for a fantastic price or can’t find one?  

Chrysalis Salon has many great Beauty Series specials available for you. Purchase 4 sessions of Facial series for only $175.00 and have flawless skin or 3 sessions of Massage series only $200.00 and be pampered from head to toe. Want to buy a massage or skin care service for a loved one? No problem. Chrysalis has gift certificates available for purchase.

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