young woman at hairdresser making braid of hairSpring is almost here and a variety of hairstyles are becoming popular throughout the fashion world. Chrysalis Salon has developed a list of all the hot trends for Spring 2014.

Trend #1: The Braid Crown

·        The braid crown is the hottest style this spring. It’s easy to do and is super fashionable. This look can go either way from laid back to a night out on the town.

Trend #2: The Braid

·        Again the braid is back but skinnier and in a collection of messy waves. This look is easily put together by just making tiny braids in your hair with wavy hair. Try to stay away from straight hair when creating braids.

Trend #3: Fishtail

·        The fishtail is the latest hot style to come out. To make your fishtail stand out try using an assortment of colors instead of neutral colors. This style can go many ways from classy, laid back, and beautiful updos.

Trend #4: The Sleek Ponytail

·        The ponytail is back but in a sleek fashion. Stay cool and classy with this popular hairstyle.

Trend #5: Messy Ponytail

·        Instead of going sleek, try a messier ponytail with a center part. A great tip is to not use any hair products to maintain the messy look.

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