Portrait of a Beautiful Girl With Healthy Long Red Hair and HoliDuring the long winter season, your hair is subjected to rough conditions. Welcome spring with a trip to Chrysalis Salon, where you can explore the many styles and colors that will revitalize and brighten up your overall look!


bigstock-Beautiful-Blond-Woman-With-Lon-38150617This spring, it’s all about bringing back previous trends, particularly, long hair. Long hair not only looks gorgeous, but it allows for a range in how you can style your hair. Soft waves offer a hint of texture to your hair that is subtly stunning.


Hair. Beauty Woman with Very Long Healthy and Shiny Smooth BrownThe professionals at Harper’s Bazaar deem that bold and bright is the color theme for this year’s spring trend. From copper to strawberry red, these various vivid hues will leave you with a striking appearance. Natural shades are also going to be big this spring, according to Fashionisers.com. All of the natural brunettes, blondes, and redheads are one step into the trend. Natural hues are rich in color and offer a sleek and polished look. Revamp the standard blonde bombshell with hints of caramel, offering a bright and fresh face to an old favorite.


The style and color experts at Chrysalis are updated with the latest trends in hair and beauty. Be sure to visit or call (718) 494-3900 to start your hair transformation in time for spring!