Fashion Stylish Beauty Portrait with White Short Hair. BeautifulFrom long bobs to choppy pixies, short hairstyles are hot during the summer months. These new short hairstyles are more feminine and are much softer than years before. If you’re thinking about making a dramatic cut, Chrysalis Salon has some stylish options for you to choose from.

The Long Pixie

This is a great hairstyle for anyone who wants to minimize their forehead with long bangs and to accentuate cheekbones. The Long Pixie hairstyle is best suited for oval and heart-shaped faces. The layers make hair look fuller, and is also great for fine hair.

The Unstructured Bob

This long layered bob requires minimal styling and is perfect for women with fine hair. It works great on all face shapes. Make sure to request long layers that start a few inches below your cheekbone to accentuate your face. For styling, apply texturizer to damp hair, then dry sections with blow dryer.

The Chop Chop

This hairstyle is best for those with square or heart-shaped faces and most hair types, but anyone with fine hair should avoid since its cut so close to the scalp. Ask your hairstylist for a tailored cut with layered bangs a half-inch above your brows and to have the sides cut really short.

The Blunt Lob

The Blunt Lob is ideal for wide square or round face shapes because it softens the jawline. It’s also long enough that even curly-hair women can get the look by blow-drying it straight then using a flat iron to get a sleek finish. This hairstyle looks best with a structured bob with an angled bang at eye level.

The Faux-Hawk Pixie

This fun and new look is all about attitude. It’s also great for any face shape and looks even better with thicker hair. Make sure to ask for a basic pixie with long bangs but to keep the back very short and shaped. For styling, create a deep side part, then blow-dry hair smooth. The key is to flatten the smaller side against your head and tuck behind your ear. To puff up the larger side use a curling iron.

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