At Chrysalis, we strive to find the best hairstyles and treatments. We are now offering the revolutionary Japanese reconditioning technique, known as Pin Straight. This process uses heat therapy to restructure the hair cuticle to lay smooth. Pin Straight takes messy, unmanageable hair and transforms it to be flat and soft. Treated hair will stay smooth forever, but as your hair grows it will need to be retouched. Pin Straight also reduces the amount of time needed for blow-drying wet hair.
The process consists of using many of LISCIO’s fine products in order to get the best results. After being washed with moisturizing shampoo, the hair is treated with special proteins and softening solutions. The hair goes through a rinsing process and more proteins are applied. Blow-dryers are applied next, followed by the use of a straightening iron. Neutralizer is added next to finish the reforming process. The hair is then rinsed, conditioned and styled.
The entire process can take up to six hours, based on hair length, so an appointment is needed.Because of the time involved in your Pin Straight treatment, we require a 50% deposit when booking an appointment. If re-scheduling is needed, we require 48 hours notice. Feel free to call for a free consultation with Drew, our LISCIO certified technician. 718-494-3900