Microdermabrasion might seem like a simple exfoliation process; however, it’s much more complex than one might think and there are several long term benefits.

The face is constantly exposed to various toxins such as dirt, UV rays, smoke and other free floating debris; therefore, it’s more vulnerable to skin damage.  Developed in Italy in 1985, microdermabrasion was first used in the form of a thick scrub composed of aluminum oxide. Today, microdermabrasion is utilized with tiny abrasion tools and sometimes a small salon based machine that uses a suction mechanism to enhance the function of the exfoliate tool. Advances in scrubs have also occurred as most are organic and contain exfoliate particles such as ground pits from various fruits.  

Because microdermabrasion’s purpose is to remove airborne toxins and dead skin cells, new skin will be revitalized and will absorb nearly 50% of skin care lotions.  Displacing these detrimental layers of contaminates not only keeps your skin looking fresh but can assist in maintaining a more youthful complexion throughout life.  

If your skin has been neglected from years of sun damage, free floating dirt or other various toxins then a microdermabrasion is what your skin deserves.  For information on our prices and methods of practice, please contact us.