There’s few things better than a great hair day, but having great hair that lasts throughout the day is definitely one of them. Learn our best tips and tricks that will help your curls stay in place, while lasting as long as you need them to.

  1. Cool your curls- After curling, take the strand, while still keeping the shape, and bobby pin it to the top of your head. As you wrap your hair around the curler, the heat transfers onto the strands, which is what creates the curled shape. Once the pinned curl has cooled down from the iron, it will allow the cuticle to close and and set in place, which will make it last much longer.
  2. Use the right products- Applying styling products to your hair will help them stay in place longer. Using a moose while your hair is still damp, or a texturizing spray right before styling will help keep curls in place.
  3. Use the right curling iron- Depending on which type of curl you’re going for, a bigger barrel typically creates looser, more voluminous waves. The smaller the barrel, the tighter your curls will be. Be aware that the looser your curls are, the faster your curls will fall.

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