External factors including humidity, pollutants, smoke particles and other forms of microscopic debris are all components of even the most well maintained hair.  While color treatments, frequent shampooing and thermal drying all contribute to dynamic hair styles, these methods of maintenance cause further damage by dehydrating hair and weakening follicles.

Unlike any other technique, a keratin complex treatment will help eliminate these toxins from hair and will greatly strengthen the cuticles.  In addition to bettering your hair’s overall health,  this treatment amplifies its silkiness and shine.  Obliterating roughly 95% of frizz, a keratin treatment leaves your hair softer and more lustrous than ever before. 

Because the results of this treatment are so beneficial one might imagine the process to be involved; however, it’s far from complicated!  The keratin complex formula we use is concentrated with the keratin proteins and it's formaldehyde free!.  After applying the solution to hair, the keratin proteins revitalize strands for usually around 90 minutes.  At the conclusion of a treatment, your hair will be void of untamed curls, stubborn frizz and dehydrated strands. 

If exhausted and unmanageable hair is your issue, the keratin complex treatment will solve your problems and the best part of the treatment will be the nearly three month period when you can enjoy the visual results and spend less time maintaining your hair.  To learn more about the benefits of the treatment and specific prices for a session, be sure to contact us. 718-494-3900