It’s no secret that beautiful, blonde hair is quite difficult to maintain. Although we can’t promise that your hair color will never fade, we can provide you with some tips to help your color last as long as you can possibly stretch it to.

  1. Color balancing shampoo- Watching your blonde hair fade into a brassy color is always upsetting.Try Redken’s Blonde Idol shampoo, which will rid your hair of any yellow, and ensure your locks stay the color you intend it to be.
  2. Shampoo less often- It’s no shock that shampoo makes your color fade, so try eliminating the amount of times per week you shampoo your hair. Try using a dry shampoo spray, which will absorb the oil while leaving your hair fresh and clean.
  3. Avoid chlorine- Chlorine and several other pool chemicals have the ability to kill blonde hair. It can turn it green and dry it out. If you are going to take a dip in a chlorine filled pool, take preventative measures to ensure your hair stays safe. Coat your hair in Redken’s leave in conditioner to mask it, and cover it with a swim cap. Shower and wash the conditioner out directly after swimming.
  4. Minimize heat on your hair- Hair tools that radiate heat open up the cuticle of your hair shaft, which makes the color fade. Try only using these tools when necessary, and at the lowest temperature you can set it while it will still do the job.  
  5. Moisturize- Keep your hair as moisturized as possible. Dry hair is a basic sign of color fade, so don’t let your hair get to that point. Make sure you’re treating thirsty hair to a glaze or conditioning mask whenever possible. Try Redken’s Smooth Lock conditioner, which will leave your hair feeling healthy and moisturized.

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