Spring time is approaching and you may be looking for a change in your style.  “Ombré” hair coloring could be the change you are seeking for the new season.  It is a coloring process which highlights the ends of your hair, creating contrast between the ends and the roots.  It could almost appear as though the roots have grown out from a previous highlighted style.  Before trends have looked down upon roots showing when a color grows out, but the Ombré style is changing this idea.

The lighter shade could be anything from blonde, caramel, red or even a lighter shade of brown.  It allows a woman to express herself through her hair by choosing from a multitude of shades and intensities of colors.  There is also a process called the reverse Ombré to cater to those who have naturally lighter hair.  In this case, darker or more vibrant colors will be added to the tips of the hair.  A woman can even add in pinks, purples or blues, if that is what fits her personality. 

Using a special technique, the stylist artfully blends the color into the hair, creating a steady contrast between the roots and tips of the hair.  The transition can be very dramatic by adding in a lot of highlights or you can go for a more subtle look by lightening the ends by just a few shades.  Usually blended into 5 or 6 inches of hair, it comes out beautifully on long locks. It can also be done on shorter styles, so it is perfect for anyone who is looking to revamp their look. 

This trend is becoming increasingly popular and can been seen on celebrities such as Beyonce and Khloe Kardahsian Odom.  It is not your typical highlight style and can save you money on coloring.  It is a fun and flirty look that is eye-catching and expressive.  If you are looking for a new style or are interested in hair coloring, as us about how we can make Ombré work for you!