Halloween is a time to dress up and express your creative side with unique costumes and special styles. Aside from the costume, it is also a day to do something different with your hair. Matching your hair to the costume is great way to add realism to the look, as well as providing you with an opportunity to try a new look. Whether you are using a wig, or your natural hair; this Halloween, go the extra mile for the party; with professional Halloween hair styling at Chrysalis Salon.

If you need buns, braids, spikes, curls, dyes, or something even more eccentric, the hair stylists of Chrysalis Salon will make you the talk of the Halloween Party, with beautiful (or scary) hair styles. Go beyond with your look, with the help of our experienced stylists. 

For almost 30 years, Chrysalis Salon has been styling hair and serving the Staten Island community. Call now for an appointment. For more information contact us at 718-494-3900. Happy Halloween!