bigstock-Beauty-Young-Woman-Portrait-ov-49978109 (1)Chrysalis Salon has come up with gorgeous hairstyles for women who want to look younger. These select hairstyles can transform your appearance from old to fresh and exciting.

1. Side-Swept Bang

·        These bangs should be swept the side which will draw attention to your eyes and disguise both wrinkles and crows feet. Avoid having blunt bangs which can be harsh on mature women.

2.     Side Part

·        Avoid parting your hair in the center which can look plain or even severe on a mature woman. The side part is considered more playful and distracts and conceals imperfections on your face.

3.     Face-Framing Highlights

·        When styling your hair to frame your face, highlights can help to attract light, which generates a younger glow around your features and enhances your appearance.

4.     The Bob

·        This look can be styled in many different ways including chin or shoulder length, or even spiky layers. The best way to look younger is to make your hair shorter in the back and longer in the front.

5.     Layers

·        Having layers can show anyone’s best facial features. These layers will enhance youthful attributes like high cheekbones, a gorgeous jawline or an eyebrow arch. Avoid long layerless hair that can actually drag your face downward, creating a saggy appearance.

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