bigstock-beautiful-young-woman-with-red-39036445The new year has arrived and a variety of different hairstyles are becoming popular throughout the fashion world. Chrysalis Salon has developed a list of all these top trends on the rise for this year.

Trend # 1: High Shine

·        This look is defined as “killer shine” that is almost wet but not greasy. Many women are gelling the sides to slicked-back roots or gelling their hair flat when it leads into a low ponytail or with loose lengths revealing a different matte surface.

Trend # 2: Chaotic Ponytails

·        Ponytails or fishtails are a popular trend on the rise. This hairstyle is easy and can either be glossy or matte, but always messy which were not complaining! This is a top choice for anyone who is not a perfectionist about their hair.

Trend #3: Sporty Hairstyles

·        The sporty style is becoming popular again. Women are wearing stretchy headbands to visors and workout material nowadays.

Trend #4: Side Parting Hair

·        This 1930’s inspired look creates confidence and can even be sexy. To make sure what side your part looks best, you should check in the mirror using your hands instead of parting with a brush. Using your fingers instead of a brush can also ass body to your hair.

Trend #5: Accessories for Hair

·        Adding an accessory can soften other hair trends dramatically. Some popular accessories are leather wraps, big bows and a variety of clips.

Trend #6: Old-fashioned Curls

·        These curls from the 1970’s are making their way back today. The retro curls create a modern twist with completely frizz-hair.

Trend #7: Mermaid Waves

·        The mermaid waves are on the rise. Both clean and wet-look textures work with this style as well.

Trend #8: Edgy Bobs

·        This hairstyle has been coming up for the last few years, but for 2014 they’re becoming edgy. Make sure to stick with short fringes and appealing colors.

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