We all want to have great looking hair this summer. To really bring out texture and contrast, you might consider highlighting or lowlighting with glazing to add rich volume and stunning shine. Highlighting and lowlighting are great alternatives to single process coloring if you want to slightly alter the shade of your hair without completely changing your natural hair color. Highlighting involves applying lighteners to alternating strands of hair. Often multiple shades are used to give greater color dimension. Highlighting techniques use products to lighten strands of hair, while lowlighting uses darker shades to deepen them. If you like your natural hair color (or just don’t want to completely change it) these alternatives can really add depth and complexity to your hair and will accentuate its natural beauty.

Glazing is another treatment that can help bring out the natural beauty of your hair, adding shine. Depending on the tone of the glaze used, it can even slightly alter its shade without a permanent commitment. Unlike dyes, hair glazes are clear, or transparent, with a color tint. Not only does a glazing treatment add a shiny texture to your hair, it also forms a seal that protects it, helping to prevent damage caused by sun, wind and chlorine (all common enemies of hair in the summer). It even helps to smooth out microscopic imperfections in the hairs themselves, enhancing sheen.

These two treatments synergize to create a look that really brings out the best in your hair. Highlights and lowlights create texture and depth, while glazing adds a layer of polish. It even helps to seal in the products used in highlighting or lowlighting services and keeps it looking fresh and glossy for weeks to come. Whichever services you are considering, our professional stylists would love to help you decide and achieve the look you desire. Call us today at 718-494-3900 to schedule your next appointment!