Adding color is a fantastic way to change your style. Highlights and full-head dyeing aren’t your only options. Ombre, Balayage, and Slices are all popular coloring styles that add unique qualities and styles to your hair.
Ombre is a style that defines color change with smoky undertones.The color fades from the main shade of your hair, to the added color. This creates a cascading style that combines darker, natural colors with more unique shades. This style is commonly used to add greens, reds, blues, or purples to hair without being overpowering.
Balayage coloring is a style that blends the colors in a way that looks like natural hair. Often used with natural hair colors, like browns or blondes, this style attempts to flow the colors in a way that creates a look that could happen naturally.
Slice coloring is a trend that is popular with shorter hair. It creates a powerful contrast by creating dramatic lines of color against a more natural shade.
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