Tired of your hair looking drab and dry from this harsh winter air?

Rejuvenate your style with the Kertain Complex Treatment at Chrysalis Salon! Using the La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment with Collagen, this unique formula is created to replenish the nutrients in your hair and restore a healthy glow.  Fighting frizz and repairing split ends, the treatment conditions the damaged hair generating a smooth, softer look on any hair type.  Bonded to the hair using high temperature flat irons, the proteins are infused deep into the cuticle layers, where the hair is repaired.  Although the process takes from 2-3 hours, the results are worth it! Three days later you return for a shampooing and styling and your hair is healthy and beautiful for up to 4 months. 

Don’t let the winter weather bring down your look! Get the Keratin Complex Treatment at Chrysalis Salon and achieve softer, shiny hair!