Prom season is approaching fast! You have the dress and the shoes, but you are wondering what to do about the rest of you!  Hair and makeup are a big deal, enhancing your beauty and complimenting your outfit choice of the night.  It is a night you’ll remember for a long time coming and plenty of pictures will be taken, so you want to look your very best!

At Chrysalis Salon, we offer many hairstyles that we will match to your personal flair and dress.  Our professionals stay up on the latest trends and red carpet looks.  We can do anything from up-dos to beautiful flowing curls.  Come in with ideas of your own or just speak with one of our professional stylists who will help generate the perfect look.  Seeing the cut of the dress and getting a feel for your personality, our hair artists will create a style that you will sure to be pleased with.  Come in before prom day to try out the look, so you know it is a style that you will love!


Make-up is also important on prom night because it is what enhances your natural beauty.  Whether it is subtle to highlight your features, or a dramatic look, our team of professional cosmetologists can create the ideal look for you.  They will match the makeup to your personal style and dress to ensure you look amazing all night long.


Don’t forget those other key preparations that help you get ready for the big night!  For the weeks and days before prom preparing yourself is important.  If you have curly or frizzy unmanageable hair, make an appointment for a Kertain Treatment a couple of weeks before to achieve a smooth, beautiful style ready for prom! We also offer waxing services, massages and facials. You don’t want to get your eyebrows waxed on prom day!  Come in beforehand for a spa day to relax and get prom ready!


Call to learn about our prom packages or how we can create a custom package to fit your prom season needs!  Make an appointment with us today!