A recent trend in the hair styling world is determining a part that suits your face perfectly. Finding the perfect part allows you to slim your face, heighten your cheekbones, and elongate your facial features.

First, determine the shape. If your face is round, it’s best to part the hair straight down the middle, or a deep side part. These parts will help to create symmetry on the face. If your your face is more square shaped, a light side part with fringe bangs can help soften up the face, and give a rounder illusion. Be sure not to create too deep of a side part, as this will accentuate the angles of your face even more. If your face is heart shaped, try the deep side part. This will break up the chin line, as it’s typically pointy with this specific shaped face. The universal face shape to easily part is an oval shaped face, because of the variety of soft facial figures.

Now that you’re informed, grab your comb and find your perfect fitting part. Not only will your natural facial features pop, but your locks will sit perfectly on your head. Contact any stylist at Chrysalis to ensure your perfect part.