Young Woman Checking Her HairMany women want longer beautiful hair, but in addition to waiting, split ends can make growing longer hair seem unattainable.  The look and strength of our hair depends on keeping ends healthy and smooth, yet most of the things we do to keep it stylish and looking beautiful actually wreak havoc on our hair. Split ends occur when hair frays along the ends, often happening more than once on each hair stand, causing a frizzy unkempt look. There are ways to keep your split ends tame, however.  Here are a few tips:

Have your hairdresser cut your split ends. The crushing action from using paper scissors at home can fray your ends even more. Trim your ends at least every six to eight weeks to make sure you keep them in check.  For those who swim, applying an oil or conditioner to your hair will keep it from absorbing too much chlorine or other harsh chemicals.  Night treatments may also be used on your hair to rehydrate while you sleep.  Chrysalis offers a complete line of Redken products that can be recommended just for you by our hair care professionals.

Brushing or combing too much can damage hair as well.  Always use a brush designed to polish the cuticle of the hair when styling, and a  wide-tooth comb that won’t cause damage when removing tangles. Chrysalis offers a wide range of professional Creative brand styling brushes and tools.  Protect your hair from too much sun, also.  The sun’s ultraviolet rays are not only damaging to your skin, but to your hair as well.

If you’re concerned about hair damage, talk to your hair care professional.   He or she might come up with a style that requires less processing—giving your hair a break while it heals and restores itself.  Be good to your hair and it will be good to you!