As the leaves change color, so should your hair color. From smoky color changes to bright ginger shades, the new looks for the new season are beautiful for all.
A Smoky Lilac look combines ombre style with unique colors morphs from a deep, grey-purple, to a light, pale, lavender at the tips. This style looks exceptionally beautiful with longer hair, creating a colorful, mysterious look.
Rose Gold hair adds a cute pink tint to copper or blonde hair. It lights up your face, even with less makeup as it frames your face in light color.
Add a pop of color in a less-is-more sense, with unnatural colors in your highlights. Using colors such as purple, blue, or green; highlights emerging out of black or brown hair can look amazing, especially with curls that bring the colored hair show fully.
Bring in Fall with the Pumpkin Spice hair color. This looks adds depth to a classic ginger color. Copper-colored hair with varying highlights of Chestnut and Golden Blonde create a full-bodied and dimensional flow that frames your face perfectly.
Burgundy shades are making a comeback this fall. This shade of reddish-purple is a great color that is bold and stands out among other colors this season.
Dip-dying is a trendy new style. Using a ponytail as a base, bright color is added to looklike your hair is dipped in dye. It adds the great, fun look of a color dye; but avoids the hassle of having to keep dying your roots.
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