bigstock-Haircut-Hairstyle-Beautiful--33867110Many women will say that their face is round, however most faces are usually one of the 4 basic shapes. Before you try to pick out the right hairstyle, you need to determine your correct face shape. A great way to figure out your face shape is to pull your hair back away from your face and take a good look in the mirror. A good tip is find out what’s the widest part of your face, your forehead or your jaw? Also look at your chin to notice if it’s round, pointy, or square.  Once you determine your face shape, check out the hairstyles that would look fabulous for you!

Round Shape

·        Asymmetrical: uneven cuts (mix of lengths)

·        Long Layers

·        Sleek Ponytails

·        Piecey bob

·        Defined Pixie

·        Angled bob

Oval Shape

·        Blunt bangs

·        Center part

·        Bob with side bangs

·        Edgy short cut

Square Shape

·        Thinned-out bob

·        Tousled shag

·        Wavy ends

·        Long and straight

Heart Shape

·        Bouncy bob

·        Deep side part

·        Long layered waves

·        Pixie with side-swept bangs

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