Studio portrait of beautiful brideLooking for a subtle yet new look for the season?
Discover Balayage Highlighting!

Balayage is a coloring technique available at Chrysalis used to produce natural, sun-kissed highlights.  Used as an alternative to foil highlighting, this French term refers to the action in which accents are “swept” or painted, onto the hair to create beautiful depth and dimension.

Many clients love the “recession proof” maintenance that Balayage hair painting has to offer.  Balayage clients love that their natural hair color will “blend” with the painted highlights as it grows, resulting in less frequent color appointments.

Balayage has become the in-salon color service choice for the most discerning clients that demand that color choices be designed exclusively for them.  Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, balayage is a service that allows your hair color professional to utilize their creativity and artistic talent to determine the placement of each highlight for a customized result.

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