reflexologyReflexology is an ancient Chinese manual therapy which focuses on the feet, face and hands. Today reflexology has surged in popularity and is used as a therapy to relieve pain and stress. This massage helps rejuvenate mental, emotional and physical well-being and health by stimulating the circulatory and nervous systems. In addition to stimulating the nervous system, it promotes healing, releases tension, and increases resilience since all points connect via the nerves and meridians to particular organs and body areas. Reflexology massages can also help relieve toe pain, ankle pain and common forms of arthritis. Do you have stomach problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or menopausal symptoms? How about asthma or frequent migraines or headaches? Reflexology massages can help! With frequent therapy you can utilize all of the therapeutic benefits, feeling better after a while. Basically, the more you go, the healthier you will feel. Come to Chrysalis Salon to take advantage of this wonderful and therapeutic massage. Our staff will make you feel great, pampering you from head to toe. Looking for another type of massage or service? Go to our website and check out all of our services!

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Reflexology is not a cure for cancer or for any other major medial illnesses. Prescribed medicine is needed.