Summer is just around the corner so its time to change up those tedious hairstyles we are all used to.  Summer hair is supposed to be easy, simple, and of course gorgeous, so why not make it that way!  Some cool trends of 2013 are easy enough for anyone to do it themselves.  One of the simplest styles is the beach bum look.  By adding a little moose and hairspray to semi damp hair will you give you the effect of beachy hair.  Once you apply the products of your choice then flip your head and blow-dry your hair while pushing pieces together to give it that crimped wavy look.


Another hot new trend is the endless variety of braids.  Braids are so simple but so beautiful at the same time, whether it’s a French, a hairline braid, a loose braid, or the newer more popular type of braid the fishtail.  It may seem a little more complex but for a simple easy fishtail watch this tutorial! 






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