With the warmer weather finally approaching, it’s almost time to pull out your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts. Don’t let annoying razor bumps discourage you from showing off your legs! Make the smart decision by switching from shaving to waxing. Call Chrysalis Salon today to book an appointment for a waxing session! Shaving is an inefficient way of removing unwanted hair. Hair grows back quicker, darker, and thicker. You could wind up shaving every day just to keep up! Many people find waxing a better alternative for a variety of reasons.

  1. Waxing will last longer- Wax pulls hair from the root, meaning it will take longer for hair to grow back. Waxing typically keeps legs hair-free for about two weeks. This is better for your skin in the long run, since your skin can easily get irritated from shaving every day.
  2. Waxing makes your hair grow back thinner- A huge advantage of waxing is that hair grows back lighter and thinner than it would if you shaved. Waxing will wear down your hair follicles, making them less viable.
  3. Waxing leaves your skin smooth- Most waxes come with natural moisturizers in them, which will help soften the skin. There’s no hassle of razor bumps, burns, or irritated skin.
  4. Waxing takes half of the time shaving does- It can typically take quite a while to shave your legs, especially while shaving the back of legs and other spots that are not visible to you. Waxing is a quick and easy process, usually lasting no longer than ten minutes.
  5. Waxing is less likely to cause ingrown hairs- Shaving cuts hair at the skin level, or just below it. The end of hairs can get stuck under skin, causing ingrown hairs. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft, straight to the root, leaving little room for ingrown hairs to form.

At Chrysalis Salon, we offer a variety of different waxing services. Choose from half leg, full leg, bikini, stomach, eyebrows, lip, chin, full face, underarms, arms, chest, or back. Treat yourself to a luxurious waxing experience, conducted by trained specialists. Call us today to book your next waxing appointment at 718-494-3900.