If you’re considering buying hair extensions, but in unsure if it’s worth taking the plunge, we can help you make your decision. Here, we have provided 5 reasons why you should jump for extensions.

  1. Length- This is probably the most common reason that most people get hair extensions. If you have ever asked yourself why your hair refuses to grow past a certain point, despite all of your best efforts to keep your hair as healthy as possible, extensions are for you. You can finally have the long, luscious hair you have been dreaming of!
  2. Volume- Especially if you have thin, fine hair, extensions are a great alternative. They add the perfect amount of volume and shape to your hair, all while still looking authentic.
  3. More ways to style- With longer, thicker hair, the possibilities of hair styles are  endless. You can make any simple style like a ponytail or bun a full, voluminous, and intricate look. Your style will look fabulous, while only taking a few minutes to achieve.
  4. Damage Free- There is a common misconception that extensions can cause damage to hair, which is not true, if you’re getting them installed by a trained professional. At Chrysalis Salon, all of our hair technicians are properly trained and knowledgeable on the correct way to apply extensions.
  5. Color- If you have been considering switching up your hair color but afraid of the commitment, extensions are the perfect alternative. Hair extensions can be blended or dyed to match your color, and a great way to test out a new color without fully committing.

When you get extensions put in by any of our professionals, you’ll feel more beautiful than ever. If you’re ready for a new spring revamp, contact any of our stylists for a consultation. For almost 30 years, Chrysalis Salon has been styling hair and serving the Staten Island community. Call now for an appointment. For more information contact us at 718-494-3900.