Out with the old and in with the new! Kick off your new year with a fresh style. Here are a few top trends that we’ve been spotting all over within the beginning months of 2018.

Bangs– Always a classic, bangs have the ability to spice up any new hairstyle. One quick styling trick we’ve seen lately is chopped bangs with a top knot bun. You’ll look look like you spent a decent amount of time on your style, meanwhile all it took was two minutes.

Long, Long Locks– The mermaid look is officially back! Recent celebs have been spotted with long, thick, wavy hair. Although we can’t guarantee the hair is 100% naturally grown, we can advise you to head in to Chrysalis Salon to purchase a few extensions to get the same look.

Slicked and High Pony– This style is always a go to. Beat humidity and frizz by pulling all your hair back into a slick ponytail, aiming for the top of the head. Ensure that everything stays put by locking in the stray hairs with some holding gel or spray.

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