bigstock-teen-girl-beautiful-newHair Trend #1: Braids with a twist.

There is an increased demand for beautiful braids- whether it’s simple or intricate, for a wedding or a casual day out, braids will remain to be a perfect hairstyle in 2013. Not every braid has to be perfect; in fact, we think that the idea of the ‘messy braid’ is a great look. Well… not too messy.

Examples:  Fish Tails, Messy Braids, and the Dutch Braid.


Hair Trend #2: Pastel Hair Colors.

Pastel fashion hair colors are currently hot! We are not talking about a few pieces of bright hair on the ends or face, clients are asking for all sorts of bright colors, especially pastels!

Examples: Purple, Blue, Pink, and Green.


Hair Trend #3: Silver/Gray Hair

Whether its sparkling silver or a matte gray, you’ll be shocked to see an increase of young clients asking to go gray.

Examples:  Shimmery silver, or dark grey hair colors.


Hair Trend #4: Red Hair Color

Look for all types of red hair color, as we see many clients asking for fashionable reds, copper reds, fiery reds, and a mixture of all three.

Examples: Copper, fashion, fiery, apple


Hair Trend #5: Vintage Curls and Waves

A return to vintage hairstyles is on the way. This look is elegant, classic, and is becoming a strong trend. This look can be made up for a beautiful wedding hair do or casual with a scarf or headband.

Examples:  Curls and Waves from the 1930’s-1950’s.


Hair Trend #6:  Fashionable Braids

The demand for bangs, both soft and edgy, will continue to rise. Help your client select the right bangs for them by taking a look at their facial features. Ask the client what they want to hide or enhance.

Examples:  Choppy, Bold, and Side swept


Hair Trend #7:  Beach Waves/Soft Waves

This hairstyle can be styled for both short and long hair. The sizes of your wave can range from large, loose curls to tighter curls for a more sophisticated look.

Examples:  Beach Waves, soft waves


Hair Trend #8: Oh la la Ombré

There are so many various selections out there for Ombré.  This hair trend makes you stand out and look gorgeous with a variety of different colors.

Examples:  Brown to lighter highlights, Blonde to darker highlights, or any color you desire.